A wonderful gentle but effective way to get to the route of any issues, such as excess weight, smoking, lack of confidence, Stress, under performing, any issue that you seem to struggle to change on your own.  Using Hypnotherapy enables us to change your underlying beliefs, the beliefs systems that aren’t working for you and to replace them with new beneficial and empowering beliefs.

Hypnosis is an altered state, a lot like dozing on the sofa, you will feel wonderfully relaxed, calm and present during the session.  The results are profound and long lasting,  The results are profound because we work with the part of the brain that stores our belief systems, when this side of the brain works for you in a positive way we can achieve profound change.

Emotional Freedom Technique

An amazing technique that allows us to re align disruptions in our energy meridians, a little like acupuncture without the needles.  Every thought we have causes a physical (energetic) reaction within our bodies, Negative thoughts and feelings are disruptions to these energies and leave us feeling bad or just not good, if we realign and clear these energy pathways, phobic, negative habits like smoking, over eating, stressful reactions and other issues like travel sickness, issues that have no physical reason to be there in our lives and that are in fact caused by our thought processes simply melt away, all you have to do is tap and think.


Reiki is another therapy that works on our energy levels both within the body and outside the body within our Auric field.  During a treatment you may feel wonderfully relaxed or you may become energised and feel vibrant and healthy, we literally re charge your batteries; the results are often both physical and mental.  Reiki can be used at time of stress or change in our lives, when we just don’t feel right or when we feel we need a boost.


I have been teaching HypnoBirthing® since 2006, I have lots of experience with stressed and frightened mums to be and my results have been extraordinary.

The original HypnoBirthing® system by Marie Mongan is the first and original and more importantly the most effective relaxing, family centred childbirth education programme, created to empower you as parents, bond you with your baby as a family in the early stages of pregnancy and lead you into a place where you can leave fear behind and give birth as your body was designed to do, in an easier, less painful and more joyful way.

The relaxation techniques you will learn with this programme will change your life forever.

Taught over 5 classes of 2.5 hours, usually at weekends to accommodate working mums and partners.

Check out the HypnoBirthing® website here


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