I have always been interested in alternative ways to achieve happiness and good health, so having an interest in the mind and the body, guided my training.   I first qualified as a masseuse in 2000. This lead me to learning Hypno/psychotherapy in 2001 it was during this course where I finally found the impetus to change my life and move on and into practise.

2004 I was introduced to Reiki and whilst I was sceptical, the use of Reiki on myself and my family have proved to me that Reiki is a useful tool, bringing calm and peace . In 2006 I became a Reiki master and teacher.  I have also studied EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique and this too has its place in my therapies, as far as my therapies are concerned I am always on the look out for new techniques that will help my clients, my family and of course me.

I have been involved with accelerated healing for a number of years, The mind and body are one and are not separate. The mind and body are astounding in what they can achieve, when we just get out of the way.  Hypnotherapy and practise will achieve this for you.  When you allow your mind to work at its potential the effects are just staggering.

More importantly I am a daughter, sister, aunty, a mum and a girlfriend & friend.  I have been married twice and divorced twice, so I can say I have seen some of life’s ups and downs. I believe in a caring approach to life and those around me, I enjoy life  and a sense of fun and humour permeates everything I do, life is for living and is all about love, happiness and good health and sometimes we all need a reminder to live, laugh, care and love ourselves, we deserve it.

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