I will never be a channel swimmer but my fear of water has improved so much it’s almost unbelievable! Many thanks  Sue. Warrington

Thank you for all your support, texts and calls.  You were my rock, I doubt I would have come out of the induction process so smiley and happy, you were so wonderful, so supportive, a true friend we shall never forget it. Lesley Anne.  Hypnobirthing

Thank you for everything, never in a million years would I have been as calm as I was without you. Laura. Lymm.  HypnoBirthing®

It was miraculous, a lifelong spider phobia gone in a 1 hour session, I went straight home and tested myself, spiders stand no chance now. Tracey Warrington

I got through Christmas, my birthday and New Year celebrations without a cigarette, I really feel at last that smoking Moira is in the past. I could not have done this without you. I am truly grateful. Moira Warrington.  Smoking.

I feel the surgery preparation really helped and the surgeons were astounded how quickly I healed, I was out of hospital within 5 days after a lung operation, thank you. John. Manchester.  Accelerated Healing

Thank you ever so much for teaching me Reiki 1, it’s already changed my life, I look forward to doing my Reiki II with you and will be spreading the word. Sarah Alderley Edge.

Just wanted to let you know I have seen the midwife and she is pretty sure the baby is heads down. Thank you so much for your help I am going to carry on listening to the CD as I am feeling a big difference mentally, thanks again Sian.  Manchester Breech baby Turn.

The CD’s helped me to focus and when I focus I play a better game, less distractions, I feel more confident. Professional footballer.  Manchester.

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